Through an investigation into the morphology of matter and the history of its material presence, Burton's work captures the surface of the world around us to create Drawings, Sculptures and Animations of an altered physical materiality.

New Work: 'Shroud', CGI Video Projection onto Fibre Glass Form

'Shroud' is a 4 minute, multimedia sculpture that is projected in a loop onto the surface of a modelled resin form. The animated sculpture takes its starting point from a found piece of matter-debris. I'm interested in discovering a vision of the earth that is created as an archaeological find, when there is only a faint trace of our existence left, that is reanimated as a piece of physical history. The audio track was captured and enhanced from the environment that the matter-debris was unearthed from, and synced to the physical dynamics of the animation. 'Shroud' uses a process of digital-casting, using the resin form as a skin, the animation slowly transmogrifies building to a peak in the middle of the animation and then echoing back to its original self by the end.

'Shroud' seeks to investigate the realm that lies between material-history and digital-matter, through the combined use of 3D digital-casting techniques and sculptural materiality. Picturing the future of the world as a fragment that is extinct from human history, 'Shroud' explores an afterglow of physicality, extrapolated from the world and regurgitated as an artefact frozen in time.

Recent - Behold at The Ivy, London

The Nunnery Gallery presents Behold, a multi-discipline arts event
in association with the Club at the Ivy showcasing innovative and
challenging work beyond the confines of a traditional arts setting.
Press Release

I will be showing my animation 'Straw Dog' as part of this group event.

Recent - Group show, Alter//Shift//Control

I will be showing 'Rockpool', 'Shroud' and a new Mantra drawing at this group show in the Bermondsey SE1 Project Space, PV 14th November 6-9pm. http://Bermondsey

Curated by Samuel Capps, Alter//Shift//Control seeks to present responses to both present and future contexts that reflect on the relationships between technology, our environment and personal experience.  As the age of ubiquitous technology is already upon us; nations, cities, infrastructure and inhabitants rely heavily on digital systems.  Natural barriers have been smashed by computer generated portals which allow us to gain spatial perspectives that are not physically available.  Alter//Shift//Control investigates the possibilities of new spatial definitions and our perceptional and cultural shift to a new sub-dimension.

Recent - Futurefest, Shoreditch Town Hall, London

Recent showing of 'Shroud' as part of Nesta's first Futurefest.


Recently at Nesta, London, 2013

Fools Gold Install

'Fools Gold' (Installation View), 2012, Digital Print onto PVC Foamex, W 420cm x H 240cm

'Fools Gold', 2012, Digital Print onto PVC Foamex, W 420cm x H 240cm

Rockpool Install

'Rockpool' (Installation View), 2012, Digital Print onto PVC Foamex, W 420cm x H 240cm

'Rockpool' 2012, Digital Print onto PVC Foamex, W 420cm x H 240cm

Royal West of England Academy, DRAWN 2013, 23rd March - 2nd June

I have been selected to show 2 linear land-drawings and an animation on LCD screen.

Freshly Mowed Lawn

Untitled linear land-drawing (Tyre Road Middle), Archival Digital Print, W 28cm x H 43cm, 2012. Click on image to view Drawings





Image left: Three Dimmensional Digital scan of the surface of a road. Image right: Still from linear land-study (Coastal Path), Animation, 2012

New Drawings: Mantras

5th Mantra

5th Mantra 51.211980N, -4.095832W to 51.211464N, -4.098979W, Archival Digital Print, W 106cm x H 79cm, 2012.
Click on image to view Drawings

New Drawings: Linear Land Studies

Tyre Road Middle

Untitled linear land-drawing (Tyre Road Middle), Archival Digital Print, W 28cm x H 43cm, 2012. Click on image to view Drawings

The Digital laser-scan is a way of making a rubbing, an archaeological impression extrapolated from the world and uncovered as a drawing artefact frozen in time.

Recent: 'RETROSPEX', Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, London

I will be showing a new version of my 3D Stereoscopic floor installation 'Continuum' at the Elevator Gallery as part of the year long Hackney Wicked season of programs.

Installation view, 'Continuum', Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, London

Recent: Bermondsey Project Space, London SE1

Group show selected by: Bob and Roberta Smith, Skye Sherwin and Emilie Faure, 10 mins walk from Bermondsey Tube or London Bridge Tube

Gunnera Leaf

'Gunnera Leaf', Digital Print, W 60 cm x H 160, 2012


Installation Shot Morphology

Installation view: clockwise from left, Nicky Hirst 'Descriptive Linguistics' 2008, printed Paper and pins; Doug Burton 'Critical Mass',
2007, Black pigmented wax 275 x 370 x 310 cm; Doug Burton 'Salivating Entropy' 2006, black pigmented wax 265 x 190 x 145cm

Video - In The Studio

A film by Rachel Lister and Marcus Yau. Filmed over 4 months the film aims to gain an insight into Doug Burton's practice and the influences that drive him through his creative process.


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